Odoo email gateway

The Odoo mail gateway allows you to inject directly all the received emails in Odoo.

Its principle is straightforward: your SMTP server executes the «mailgate» script for every new incoming email.

The script takes care of connecting to your Odoo database through XML-RPC, and send the emails via the MailThread.message_process() feature.


  • Administrator access to the Odoo database.
  • Your own mail server such as Postfix or Exim.
  • Technical knowledge on how to configure an email server.

For Postfix

In you alias config (/etc/aliases):

email@address: "|/odoo-directory/addons/mail/static/scripts/odoo-mailgate.py -d <database-name> -u <userid> -p <password>"

For Exim

*: |/odoo-directory/addons/mail/static/scripts/odoo-mailgate.py -d <database-name> -u <userid> -p <password>