Manage a loyalty program - Odoo 12.0

Encourage your customers to continue to shop at your point of sale with a Loyalty Program.


To activate the Loyalty Program feature, go to Point of Sale ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of sale and select your PoS interface. Under the Pricing features, select Loyalty Program

From there you can create and edit your loyalty programs.

You can decide what type of program you wish to use, if the reward is a discount or a gift, make it specific to some products or cover your whole range. Apply rules so that it is only valid in specific situation and everything in between.

Use the loyalty program in your PoS interface

When a customer is set, you will now see the points they will get for the transaction and they will accumulate until they are spent. They are spent using the button Rewards when they have enough points according to the rules defined in the loyalty program.

You can see the price is instantly updated to reflect the pricelist. You can finalize the order in your usual way.