How to get paid with Authorize.Net - Odoo 13.0

Authorize.Net is one of the most popular eCommerce payment platforms in North America. Unlike most of the other payment acquirers compatible with Odoo, Authorize.Net can be used as payment gateway only. That way you can use the payment processor or merchant that you like.

Create an Authorize.Net account

  • Create an Authorize.Net account by clicking 'Get Started'.
  • In the pricing page, press Sign up now if you want to use as both payment gateway and merchant. If you want to use your own merchant, press the related option.

  • Go through the registration steps.
  • The account is set as a test account by default. You can use this test account to process a test transaction from Odoo.
  • Once ready, switch to Production mode.

Set up Odoo

  • Activate Authorize.Net in Odoo from Website or Sales or Accounting ‣ Settings ‣ Payment Acquirers.
  • Enter both your Login ID your API Transaction Key and your API Signature Key.

    To get those credentials from Authorize.Net, you can follow the direction in the Help API Credentials and Keys entry and access the menu Account ‣ Settings ‣ API Credentials & Keys in the dashboard. Note that you need both a Transaction key and and Signature key.

  • Once both keys are set up, you can then generate a Client Key by clicking the "Generate Client Key" button. Note that these 3 keys are necessary for the setup to work correctly.

Go live

Your configuration is now ready! You can make Authorize.Net visible on your merchant interface and activate the Enabled state.

Assess Authorize.Net as payment solution

You can test and assess Authorize.Net for free by creating a developer account.

Once the account created you receive sandbox credentials. Enter them in Odoo as explained here above and make sure you are still in Test mode.

You can also log in to Authorize.Net sandbox platform to configure your sandbox account.

To perform ficticious transactions you can use fake card numbers provided in the Authorize.Net Testing Guide.