Activate the Developer (Debug) Mode - Odoo 13.0

The Developer or Debug Mode gives you access to extra and advanced tools.

Through the Settings application

Go to Settings ‣ Activate the developer mode.

Overview of the debug options under settings in Odoo

Once activated, the Deactivate the developer mode option becomes available.

Through a browser extension

Go to the settings and extensions of your web browser, and search for Odoo Debug. Once the extension is installed, a new icon will be shown on your toolbar.
For the Odoo Debug extension, a single click enables a normal version of the mode, while a double click enables it with assets. To deactivate it, use a single click.
View of odoo’s debug icon in a chrome’s toolbar

Through the URL

In the URL add ?debug=1 or ?debug=true after web.

Overview of an url with the debug mode command added in Odoo

Locate the mode tools

The Developer mode tools can be accessed from the Open Developer Tools button, located on the header of your pages.

Overview of a console page and the debug icon being shown in Odoo