Deliver Products in Packages - Odoo 13.0

In Odoo, you have the possibility to deliver your products in different packages, depending on the volume and or weight of your products.


First, you need to activate the Delivery Packages feature in the Inventory app ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings.

Proceed to a Delivery

Now, you can create a planned delivery with some products in it. You will have the possibility to create new packages and assign them to the stock move lines.

Then, you can define the package type from this window. Once the delivery order is validated, you can retrieve which products have been included in the package.

A button will appear at the delivery stage, allowing you to find all the packages which were part of the delivery order.

Use the Put in Pack button

Another way to put products in packs is to use the Put in Pack button. It will automatically assign a pack to the number of products which is set as Done and duplicate the stock move line if necessary.

Then, you will be able to update the different packages created this way, directly via the Packages button.