Plan Work Orders - Odoo 13.0

In some cases, companies need to schedule their work orders. Doing so, they can organize the work for the whole day and be sure everything goes well. It helps to avoid scheduling multiple work orders at the same time when you don’t have the capacity to do so.

With Odoo, companies can schedule the planned start date for their manufacturing orders. No possible duplication, no potential issues with the planning. And, if you plan two work orders at the same work center, at the same hour, the second one will be scheduled right after the first one, avoiding work superposition.

Create the Work Orders

The first thing you need to do is to open the Manufacturing app. Then, Go to the settings and enable the Work Orders feature.

Now, go to the Manufacturing Orders menu and hit Create. Choose your product and add a Planned Start Date.

Mark your Manufacturing Order as todo and plan it. By going to the Planning menu, you can access to the scheduled orders. Here is the one we just created:

If you overrun the planned date and begin the job later, you will have a track of it in the Time Tracking tab of your work order.