Using discount tags with a barcode scanner - Odoo 13.0

If you want to sell your products with a discount, for a product getting close to its expiration date for example, you can use discount tags. They allow you to scan discount barcodes.

Barcode Nomenclature

To use discounts tags, we need to learn about barcode nomenclature.

Let's say you want to have a discount for the product with the following barcode:

You can find the Default Nomenclature under the settings of your PoS interface.

Let's say you want 50% discount on a product you have to start your barcode with 22 (for the discount barcode nomenclature) and then 50 (for the %) before adding the product barcode. In our example, the barcode would be:

Scan the products & tags

You first have to scan the desired product (in our case, a lemon).

And then scan the discount tag. The discount will be applied and you can finish the transaction.