Apply manual discounts - Odoo 13.0

If you seldom use discounts, applying manual discounts might be the easiest solution for your Point of Sale.

You can either apply a discount on the whole order or on specific products.

Apply a discount on a product

From your session interface, use Disc button.

You can then input a discount (in percentage) over the product that is currently selected and the discount will be applied.

Apply a global discount

To apply a discount on the whole order, go to Point of Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Point of sale and select your PoS interface.

Under the Pricing category, you will find Global Discounts select it.

You now have a new Discount button in your PoS interface.

Once clicked you can then enter your desired discount (in percentages).

On this example, you can see a global discount of 50% as well as a specific product discount also at 50%.