Gather Feedback from Customers - Odoo 13.0

Finding out what your clients think about the experience they have with your company, can inspire you to have insights on how to improve your product/service, adjusting your business to fit their needs. It shows that you value their opinions and provides a reliable source of information to other consumers.

Set up

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and enable Use Rating on Project.

Enable the feature on settings in Odoo Project
Set Email Template to Stages in order to define the template to be sent at a specific stage(s).
Choose an existing template or create one on the fly.
Click on set email template and choose one in Odoo Project

Choosing the projects I want feedback from

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Projects ‣ Edit and configure the wanted projects to have the email template previously set sent, by the change of a stage or periodically.
Enable Rating visible publicly if you would like to publish the ratings in order to communicate them to a customer, prospect or the rest of your team.
View of a project's form to choose the customer rating in Odoo Project

Get reports

Under Project ‣ Reporting ‣ Customer Ratings see ratings by task.

View fo the customer rating report in Odoo Project

Clicking on the percentage of happy ratings over the last 30 days in the Projects overview, redirects you to your website with more rating details.

Project overview shows the percentage of happy ratings in Odoo Project