Collaborate on Tasks - Odoo 13.0

Being able to collaborate virtually but with the same effect as if people were in the same room increases your productivity. It results in faster execution of processes, brainstorming and decision made easier while also allowing the support of outside contributions.

Add followers to a project

Edit the project to add followers.
Followers are notified of any changes: tasks sliding from one stage to another, conversations taking place, etc.
Click on the follower icon to add followers to a project in Odoo Project

Add followers to a task

Within a task, click on the Followers icon. Followers get notified of any changes in the task and can see the task like you do, with the description and the chatter.

Click on the follower icon to add followers to a task in Odoo Project

Select which notifications to get

For a project or task, select what you would like to be notified about. For that, Edit subscription.

Click on the follower icon, then on edit subscription in Odoo Project

Use the pad like a collaborative note

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Collaborative Pads, then edit the Settings of the project you would like the feature to work and enable Use Collaborative Pads.
Now, you are able to contribute to tasks in real-time, with several users, with an Etherpad collaborative note. Every user has his own color and you can replay the whole creation of the content.
View of the collaborative pad in Odoo Project

The Chatter

Chatter is a communication tool that shows the history of a task, including changes and the interactions between you and your customers or colleagues.
To interact with followers, whether there are internal or external, click on Log a note and ping them using the at symbol (@). If you want to send a message/email to all the followers in the task, use Send a message.
You can also ping a channel using the hashtag sign (#). This way, users can have a channel per project team, for example.
Overview of the chatter in Odoo Project

Schedule activities

Do not forget promises made and stay organized by conveniently Scheduling activities from the chatter.

Click on schedule activity and choose the activity to be scheduled in Odoo Project

Edit or create new activities types

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Activity Types.

Overview of the activity types form in Odoo Project