Generate a Quality Alert from a Manufacturing Order - Odoo 13.0

Speaking of manufacturing orders, you have two different situations to consider in Odoo. Those two will result in two different processes:

  • You work with a simple manufacturing flow;
  • You work with a complex manufacturing flow that includes routings.

Simple manufacturing flow

If you work with simple manufacturing orders, the Quality Alerts will be launched from the manufacturing order itself. When manufacturing a product for which you need to process quality controls, a button Quality Alert will appear on the top of your manufacturing order.

By clicking on the button, you can specify the quality problem that arose during the process.

If one of the quality checks failed, the button will be highlighted on the document. If not, the button won’t be highlighted.

Manufacturing Flow with Routings

If you work with routings defined on your manufacturing orders, the quality alerts will be launched directly from the work orders on which the quality checks took place.

Then, a button Quality Alert will be available from the work order view. When you click on the button, you can specify the quality problem that appeared during the process.