Deliver and invoice to different addresses - Odoo 13.0

With Odoo Sales, you can configure different addresses for delivery and invoicing. For some customers, it will be very practical to define specific billing and shipping addresses. Indeed, not everyone will have the same delivery location as the invoicing location.

Activate the feature

Go to Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Customer Addresses feature.

How to enable different customer addresses on Odoo Sales?

Add addresses from a quotation

When you create a quotation, you must add a customer. This customer can be a company or a person with specific billing and shipping addresses already defined and registered in the system, or it can be a new customer. In this case, you have to Create and edit the contact form for your new customer and link it, if necessary, to a company. In this contact form, you will be able to add, delete and modify invoice and delivery addresses.

How to add addresses from a quotation on Odoo Sales?

Add addresses from a contact form

Previously, we talked about the contact form that you can fill in directly from a quotation or a sales order to add billing and shipping addresses to customers. But, if you go to Sales ‣ Orders ‣ Customers, you can create or modify every customer you want and add, delete or modify invoice and delivery addresses instantly there, before creating a quotation.

How to add addresses from a contact form on Odoo Sales?

Deal with different addresses

Like for the previous example, go to Sales ‣ Orders ‣ Customers and create a new customer. There, you can add company information but, more importantly, you can enter billing and shipping addresses under the Contacts & Addresses tab.

How to manage different customer addresses on Odoo Sales?

Once done, you can return to your Sales dashboard and create a new quotation. Now, if you enter your new customer, you will see that the other fields will fill in by themself with the information previously saved for billing and shipping addresses.

Automatic quotation fields filling on Odoo Sales

With Odoo Sales, it is now very convenient to play with various addresses in terms of invoice and delivery features.