Add optional products - Odoo 13.0

The use of optional products is a marketing strategy for cross-selling products along with a core product. The aim is to offer useful and related products to your customers. For instance, if a customer wants to buy a car, he has the choice to order an automatic opening trunk and massaging seats, or not to order such high-quality products and simply buy his car.

Add optional products to your quotations

With Odoo Sales, it is possible to add or modify optional products directly on quotations (under the Optional Products tab, as you can see below).

How to add optional products to your quotations on Odoo Sales

In practice, your customers will be able to add different optional products to their order by using associated carts, with a user-friendly layout. More than that, if a customer selects all the optional products suggested, these additional items will automatically fill in the quotation managed by the salesman.

How to select optional products on Odoo Sales

Like this, salespeople will see each movement made by the customer and tracking the order will be all the better.

How to follow each movement made by your customers on Odoo Sales

Add optional products to your quotation templates

Be sure to check out our documentation about Use quotation templates to understand how you can enable, create, design and manage your own quotation templates before reading this part.

For quotation templates, you also have an Optional Products tab where you can add related products or services.

How to add optional products to your quotation templates on Odoo Sales

With Odoo Sales, it is now very easy to understand your customer's needs.