Contact Lists and Blacklist - Odoo 13.0

Creating your own list of contacts, or importing it, is useful when you want to create specific groups of people, such as the subscribers of your newsletter. It is also the best way to get started if you are coming from another system and already have built an audience. It makes the SMS distribution easier.

Contact lists

Go to Contacts lists ‣ Contacts lists ‣ Create.
Choose a name for your Mailing list, and activate the option Is Public if you would like to make the mailing list accessible to your recipients in the unsubscription page (allowing users to update their subscription preferences).

History with the Log Notes

A record of the mailings sent is kept on the recipient's chatter (whether it is a contact or an opportunity, for example).
This is important as you and team members can easily keep track and see a history of the interactions with your contacts or prospects. Example: your sales representative can easily find out which SMS mailing promotions a customer has received or not.


If you are coming from another software and have a list of clients who have already asked to be blacklisted, you can import those entries to your database.
For that, go to Configuration ‣ Phone Blacklist ‣ Import.