How to track your website traffic from your Odoo Dashboard - Odoo 13.0

You can follow your traffic statistics straight from your Odoo Website Dashboard thanks to Google Analytics.

  • Create a new project and give it a name (e.g. Odoo). This project is needed to store your API credentials.
  • Enable the API.
  • Create credentials to use in Odoo.
  • Select Web browser (Javascript) as calling source and User data as kind of data.
  • Then you can create a Client ID. Enter the name of the application (e.g. Odoo) and the allowed pages on which you will be redirected. The Authorized JavaScript origin is your Odoo's instance URL. The Authorized redirect URI is your Odoo's instance URL followed by '/google_account/authentication'.
  • Go through the Consent Screen step by entering a product name (e.g. Google Analytics in Odoo). Feel free to check the customizations options but this is not mandatory. The Consent Screen will only show up when you enter the Client ID in Odoo for the first time.
  • Finally you are provided with your Client ID. Copy and paste it in Odoo.
  • Open your Website Dashboard in Odoo and link your Analytics account. to past your Client ID.
  • As a last step, authorize Odoo to access Google API.