Follow-up on invoices and get paid faster - Odoo 13.0

It is essential for your business to collect payments when they are overdue. Odoo will help you identify payments that are late and will allow you to send the appropriate reminders.

Manage your follow-ups

The overdue invoices you need to follow-up on are available by default in Accounting ‣ Sales ‣ Follow-up Reports. There, you can easily send a reminder by email or print it as a letter. Then, you can click on the Done button to view the next follow-up that needs your attention.

Otherwise, if now is not the time for a reminder, click on Remind me later. You will get the next report according to the Next Reminder Date set on the statement.

You can also set a trust level for your customers by marking them as bad, normal or good debtors on the follow-up reports.

Send reminders in batch

To get your follow-up process easier, you can send reminder emails in batch from your follow-up reports page. Select all the reports you would like to process, click on Action and then on Process Follow-ups. A pdf document containing all of the follow-up letters for you to print will also be automatically generated.

Plan a follow-up process

To plan a follow-up process, go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate the Follow-up Levels feature under the Customer Payments section. Then, click on the new Follow-up Levels button that has appeared on your settings page.

A follow-up plan with several actions is available by default in Odoo, but you can customize it any way you want. Depending on a specific number of overdue days, plan to send an email, a letter or to undertake a manual action. You can also edit the template used for the statement according to the stage of the process.