Ratings - Odoo 13.0

Giving users the opportunity to rate their interactions can help you improving the experience you offer. That means staying on top of your customers' needs, besides keeping track of your operators’ performances.

Customer Rating

Once the user chooses to close the chat window, he can rate his interaction.
If the user is Not satisfied or Highly dissatisfied, a field allowing for an explanation is shown.
A copy of the conversation can also be sent by email.
View of the chat window from a user’s side for Odoo Live Chat

The rating is shown on the chat window itself for the operator.

View of a chat window from an operator’s side highlighting a rating for Odoo Live Chat

And under Report ‣ Customer Ratings.

View of the customer ratings page in Odoo Live Chat

Make the rating public

Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, access your channel form, click on Go to Website and on Unpublished, to publish the rating of that channel on your website.

View of the public ratings in the website for Odoo Live Chat