Work with Sub-tasks - Odoo 13.0

Being a dynamic and organized company is important as it also helps you to not overload your employees. For that, split large tasks into smaller ones by creating subs-tasks, timesheet on them, and have an overview of all hours recorded.


Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Sub-tasks.

Enable the feature under settings in Odoo Project

From now on, a Sub-tasks menu is available within your task.

Overview of a task and the sub-tasks menu being shown in Odoo Project

Select a specific project in which sub-tasks will be created by default

By default, sub-tasks are created under the same project. However, you can select another one by going to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Projects ‣ Sub-task Project.

Under the settings of a project, select the sub-task project in Odoo Project

Timesheet on sub-tasks

Make sure the feature Timesheets is enabled under Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and under the settings of the needed Project. Now you are able to timesheet on your tasks and sub-tasks. The time recorded on a sub-task is counted on the parent task.

Timesheets tab being shown under a task in Odoo Project

Transform an existing task into a sub-task

Go to Settings ‣ Activate the developer mode.
Now access your task, Edit, and add a Parent Task.
A tab extra info with a field parent task is being shown in Odoo Project