Interact with Customers and Visitors with Live Chat - Odoo 13.0

One of the ways you can build stronger relationships with your customers is by making yourself available through live chat. Live chats can have a big impact not just on your customer service, but also on sales performance, as it gives users a chance of having real-time, fast, and effective interaction.


Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Live Chat select the appropriate channel, and set it up.

Enable live chat under website configurations for Odoo Social Marketing

Under Channel Rules, choose when the chat pop-up appears, and an action for a given URL and/or country. Note that to take the country into account, GeoIP must be installed on your server.

Monitor your visitors

Under the Visitors menu, see the visitors that landed on one of your Website’s tracked pages online or offline.

You can send emails (if an email address has been saved), send SMSs (if a phone number has been saved), send a push notification (if the user has subscribed to it), and even send a live chat request that will be received by the user once they move to a tracked page.
Open a record to see details including the visited pages, and the first and last date and time the user was connected.
See a visitor's history of pages in Odoo Social Marketing

Website’s tracked pages

To define which pages are tracked, on the Website application, go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Pages and enable the option Track, on the respective pages.

Choose the pages to be tracked in the website application for Odoo Social Marketing