Compare Hours and do Analyses - Odoo 13.0

Make sure your employees’ workload is being fairly distributed and control your tasks to get powerful insights when comparing planned versus effective hours.

Compare the planned and effective hours of your tasks

Go to Project ‣ Reporting ‣ Tasks Analysis, select the Pivot view and refine your Measures to Effective Hours and Planned Hours.

Select effective and planned hours under measures in Odoo Timesheets application

Still on Project, under Reporting ‣ Planning Analysis find a pivot view with an analysis of allocated and effective hours of your tasks by user and start date, or by any of the other available filters.

Go to reporting to see a planning analyses in Odoo Timesheets application

HR analysis

Under Timesheets ‣ Reporting ‣ Timesheet/Attendance have an overview of the worked hours and allocated time of your employees.

Report about employees' attendance in Odoo Timesheets application