How to create a new salesperson? - Odoo 9.0

Create a new user

From the Settings module, go to the submenu Users ‣ Users and click on Create. Add first the name of your new salesperson and his professional email address - the one he will use to log in to his Odoo instance - and a picture.

Under "Access Rights", you can choose which applications your user can access and use. Different levels of rights are available depending on the app. For the Sales application, you can choose between three levels:

  • See own leads: the user will be able to access his own data only
  • See all leads: the user will be able to access all records of every salesman in the sales module
  • Manager: the user will be able to access the sales configuration as well as the statistics reports

When you're done editing the page and have clicked on Save, an invitation email will automatically be sent to the user, from which he will be able to log into his personal account.

Register your user into his sales team

Your user is now registered in Odoo and can log in to his own session. You can also add him to the sales team of your choice. From the sales module, go to your dashboard and click on the More button of the desired sales team, then on Settings.

Then, under "Team Members", click on Add and select the name of your salesman from the list. The salesperson is now successfully added to your sales team.