Manage Unsubscriptions and Blacklist - Odoo 13.0

It is best practice, and legally required, to allow recipients to unsubscribe from mailing lists as you do not want your audience to think that your company is using any tactics that are dishonest or spammy.

Enable the Blacklist feature

Go to Configuration ‣ Settings and enable the option Blacklist Option when Unsubscribing.

Blacklist in Odoo Email Marketing

Now, once the user clicks on the Unsubscribe link on your email, he is redirected to the following page:

Blacklist in Odoo Email Marketing

In addition to having the option of unsubscribing from specific mailing lists, the user can also blacklist himself, meaning that he will not receive any more emails from you.

Under Configuration ‣ Blacklist, blacklisted email addresses are shown.
When opening the record, as a Log note, a description-history is kept.
Blacklist in Odoo Email Marketing