Invoicing Time and Material to Customers - Odoo 13.0

Track the exact time spent on a task and give customers the ability to sign their worksheet report onsite. Invoice customers as soon as the work is complete, leaving you, and the customer, with the confidence that they will be charged for the exact right hours and material used.

Get the exact time spent on a task

Click on Start to launch the timer. You can Pause at any moment and Resume when you would like to continue.

Timesheet Timer in Odoo Field Service

Click on Stop once the work is done to confirm the total time spent and add a description.

Timesheet Timer in Odoo Field Service

Sign and send reports & validate stock-picking

Now, fill your Worksheet and add the used products clicking on Products.

Sign and send reports in Odoo Field Service

Click on Start if you need to record additional time for the same activity. The time recorded will be added to the already created and signed worksheet. Then, create a new invoice for the time added.

Mark as done to close the task and to invoice your intervention. It also validates the stock-picking keeping your inventory up-to-date.

Sign Report generates a detailed worksheet report for the customer to sign. Send it through email clicking on Send Report.

Invoice your time and material

Under All Tasks ‣ To Invoice, find a list of all tasks marked as done but that have not been invoiced. Convenient feature as it allows accountants to easily access all finished tasks at once.

Invoice Tasks in Odoo Field ServiceInvoice Task in Odoo Field Service