Take Advantage of Tags - Odoo 13.0

Tags work like keywords or labels that will help you to categorize your work, as well as make objectives and goals clearer and available for everyone instantly. They are also a useful source of filtering, helping you to boost productivity.

Where can I use and how do I create tags?

Tags can be used in numerous applications going from CRM, Project, Contacts, Marketing Automation, etc.
On CRM for instance, under CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Tags you can create new or edit existing ones.
Click on Create to create Tags in Odoo

You can also create them on the fly.

Type the name of the tag on the field and create and edit a tag in Odoo

Choose specific colors for each tag to help identify them, or Hide in Kanban, simply by clicking on the tag once it is created.

Click on the tag and choose a color in Odoo

Remove tags from a task or from the database

Click on the x to delete a tag from a specific task or contact. To delete it from your database, go to CRM ‣ Configuration ‣ Tags ‣ Action ‣ Delete.

Select a tag and click on action then delete to delete it from the database in Odoo

Use tags as a parameter

On the Marketing Automation application, for example, you can re-use tags as a parameter to specify a niche of records for your campaign.

Apply tags as filters in Odoo Marketing Automation application

Use tags for reporting

To get the information you need in an organized format and for a specific purpose, you can also add tags.

Apply tags to create reports in Odoo