Launch a Test and Start a Campaign - Odoo 13.0

Before starting a campaign, launching a test allows you to run the workflow on a test contact and view the sequence of events in action, avoiding mistakes.

Launch a test

Click on Launch a test.
Once you have selected the test contact, Run the parent activity and the subsequent ones as needed. Run and Stop activities individually. To stop the whole workflow click on Stop.
Create workflows in Odoo Marketing Automation

Start and stop a workflow

Click on Start to run the workflow, and on Stop to interrupt it. The interruption and new start can happen at any moment. The current status will be shown on the status bar.

Create workflows in Odoo Marketing Automation

Participants and their specific workflow

Participants are all the records that have ever been involved in the campaign.

Create workflows in Odoo Marketing Automation

If you click on Participants and open a record, you will find the specific activities the record went/are/will go through, as well as when the workflow was triggered to him. If you wish to cancel an activity click on Cancel.