Track Projects’ Profitability - Odoo 13.0

A project runs smoother if you can have an overview of its costs, revenues, profitability, tasks, time and people, all in the same place. It allows you to make smarter business decisions as you know where you are standing and can course-correct if needed.

Track costs and revenue

If you have the Timesheets application installed

Go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Projects, choose the respective project, Edit and enable Timesheets. A menu Overview becomes available in the Kanban view.

View of the dashboard and overview menu available in Odoo Project

The overview shows the hours recorded split by the different billable options, profitability, time by people according to the billable hours recorded, and even a timesheet table.

Click on overview and have a detailed view of the hours recorded in Odoo Project

If you do not have the Timesheets application installed

Activate the Developer mode. Then go to Manager Users and enable Analytic Accounting. Now, go to Project ‣ Configuration ‣ Projects and specify an Analytic Account under the needed project.
A Profitability menu to the costs and revenues of this analytic account is directly available in the Kanban view.
Profitability menu being shown on the dashboard view in Odoo Project


Under Reporting, obtain a report on the Project Costs and Revenues. Choose among graph options or do your analysis through a pivot view.

Overview of the reporting page showing costs and revenues in Odoo Project