Configure Amazon Connector in Odoo - Odoo 13.0

Register your Amazon account in Odoo

To register your seller account in Odoo, navigate to Sales ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Connectors ‣ Amazon Sync ‣ Amazon Accounts and click on CREATE.

The Seller ID can be found in Seller Central under the link Your Merchant Token on the Seller Account Information page. The Access Key and the Secret Key can be found in Developer Central (where the Developer Registration and Assessment form was located).

Once the account is registered, the marketplaces available to this account are synchronized and listed under the Marketplaces tab. If you wish, you can remove some items from the list of synchronized marketplaces to disable their synchronization.

Match database products in Amazon

When an Amazon order is synchronized, up to three sales order items are created in Odoo for each product sold on Amazon: one for the marketplace product, one for the shipping charges (if any) and one for the gift wrapping charges (if any).

The selection of a database product for a sales order item is done by matching its internal reference with the SKU for marketplace items, the shipping code for delivery charges, and the gift wrapping code for gift wrapping charges.

For marketplace products, pairings are saved as Amazon Offers which are listed under the Offers stat button on the account form. Offers are automatically created when the pairing is established and are used for subsequent orders to lookup SKUs. If no offer with a matching SKU is found, the internal reference is used instead.

If no database product with a matching internal reference is found for a given SKU or gift wrapping code, a default database product Amazon Sale is used. The same is done with the default product Amazon Shipping and the shipping code.

Configure taxes of products

To allow for tax reporting of Amazon sales with Odoo, the taxes applied to the sales order items are those set on the product or determined by the fiscal position. Make sure to have set the correct taxes on your products in Odoo or to have it done by a fiscal position, to avoid discrepancies in the subtotals between Seller Central and Odoo.