SMS Pricing and FAQ - Odoo 13.0

What do I need to send SMSs?

SMS Text Messaging is an In-App Purchase (IAP) service that requires prepaid credits to work.

How many types of SMSs are there?

There are 2 types: GSM7 and UNICODE.

GSM7 is the standard format, with a limit of 160 characters per message, that includes the following characters:

GSM7 in Odoo SMS Marketing

UNICODE is the format applied if a special character, that is not in the GSM7 list, is used. Limit per SMS: 70 characters.

How much does it cost to send an SMS?

The price of an SMS depends on the destination and the length (number of characters) of the message.
To see the price per country, please consult: Odoo SMS - FAQ.

The number of SMSs a message represents will be always available to you in your database.

SMS pricing and FAQ Odoo SMS Marketing

How do I buy credits?

Go to Settings ‣ Buy Credits.

SMS pricing and FAQ Odoo SMS Marketing

Or go to Settings ‣ View my Services.

SMS pricing and FAQ Odoo SMS Marketing

More common questions

  1. Is there an expiration time for my credits?

    No, credits do not expire.

  2. Can I send an SMS to a phone number (which is not a mobile phone) because I see the icon in front of the field “phone”?

    Only if that phone number supports SMS (e.g. SIP phones).

  3. Do I receive an invoice to buy my credits?


  4. Can the recipient answer to me?

    No, it is not possible to reply to the SMS.

  5. What happens if I send multiple SMS but I do not have enough credits to send them all?

    The whole transaction is counted as a single one, so no SMS will be sent until you have enough credits to send them all.

  6. Do I have a history of the sent SMSs?

    Yes, the SMS is logged as a note under the chatter of the corresponding record, and a complete history of the SMSs sent is available on Developer mode under Technical ‣ SMS.

  7. Can I send as many SMSs I want at once?

    Yes, if you have enough credits.

  8. If I have a number that does not exist in the list of recipients, will I lose credits?

    Not if the phone number is in the wrong format (e.g. too many digits). Otherwise, if the SMS is sent to the wrong person or to a fake number, the credit will be lost.

  9. What happens if I send my SMS to a paying number (e.g.: a contest to win a ticket for a festival)?

    The SMS will not be delivered to that kind of number, so you won’t be charged.

  10. Can I identify the numbers that do not exist when I send several SMSs?

    Only the ones that have an invalid format.

  11. How does the GDPR regulation affect this service?

    Please find our Privacy Policy here.