Manage Social Media Pages and Create Content - Odoo 13.0

Once you are present on social media platforms, it is important to keep them up-to-date. However, that might feel like a full-time job. Having a solution that allows you to create, schedule, keep track, engage with your audience and measure results saves you time and helps you to successfully execute your online strategy, from posts to results.

Add accounts and create your feed

Click on Add Stream and grant the required permissions to add your accounts.

Click on add streams to add accounts in Odoo Social Marketing
You are then redirected to your Feed and a column with the publications is automatically added.
You can then add new accounts and/or streams, such as Facebook mentions, and customize your Kanban view.
See all streams in the feed in Odoo Social Marketing

Adding social media accounts to your feed will also link KPIs. To get redirected to the statistics page of the social account, click on Insights.

Click on insights to be redirected to the social account from Odoo Social Marketing

Publish content

Click on Social Marketing ‣ Feed ‣ New Post, or go to Social Marketing ‣ Posts → Create.

Click on create or new post to create and publish content in Odoo Social Marketing
Choose to upload your post right away or to schedule it.
Saving your post will apply a draft status to it.

Overview and plan your posts with a calendar view

Through the calendar view, besides having an overview of your planned day, week or month, also see your drafted, scheduled and published posts.
Drag and drop (scheduled posts) to change their scheduled date.
Double-click on a date to create a post directly from the Calendar view, and click on an existing one to edit it.
Click on the calendar view option in Odoo Social Marketing