Use Web Push Notifications - Odoo 13.0

Web Push Notifications deliver messages to your user’s device without the need to be on your website, or for them to give personal information. They can be used to inform your users about news, articles and content posted, practical messages like traffic and weather updates, flight information, sales alerts, coupons, and product updates.

Ask users for permission

In the Website application go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and enable Web Push Notifications.

Go to settings and enable web push notifications for Odoo Social Marketing

Choose your message, icon, and delay time (which is the wait time for the permission request to be shown once the user lands on your page).

Request to send messages is being shown on the page for Odoo Social Marketing

Send notifications


You can send individual messages through the menu Visitors.

Choose individually to whom send web push notifications in Odoo Social Marketing

To a group

Target a bigger segment by selecting multiple visitors in the View List (e.g.: all visitors that visited your Homepage).

Select multiple contacts to send web push notifications in Odoo Social Marketing

By rules

Or go to Social Marketing ‣ Posts ‣ Create. Under Web Notification options, apply filters to send your message to the records that match the rules you set.

Define rules to send push notifications in Odoo Social Marketing