Manage your Employees’ Schedules and Time Off - Odoo 13.0

The integration with the Time off application allows you to quickly see your employees’ availabilities. It will avoid conflicts and errors between employees schedules and interventions.

Effortlessly see employees’ time off

No configuration needs to be done. Once the employees’ time has been validated in the Time off application, cells will be grayed for those days in your Gantt view.

It also adapts to the working calendar of the employee. Example: the employee works part-time (from Monday to Wednesday). So, Thursday and Friday will also be greyed, in addition to the weekends.

Employees' Time off in Odoo Field Service

Easily manage employees’ schedules

From the Gantt view (under Planning by User, Project or Worksheet), click on the plus sign to add a new task or on the magnifying glass to plan an existing one.

Manage employees' schedules in Odoo Field Service

Unassigned tasks

If you need to plan an intervention but you do not know yet who will take care of it, you can leave the task unassigned. It will still be shown in the Gantt view. Simply drag and drop the responsible person he can be assigned.

Unassigned tasks in Odoo Field Service