Odoo CRM Terminologies - Odoo 9.0

  • CRM (Customer relationship management):
    System for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It often involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
  • Sales cycle :
    Sequence of phases used by a company to convert a prospect into a customer.
  • Pipeline :
    Visual representation of your sales process, from the first contact to the final sale. It refers to the process by which you generate, qualify and close leads through your sales cycle.
  • Sales stage :
    In Odoo CRM, a stage defines where an opportunity is in your sales cycle and its probability to close a sale.
  • Lead :
    Someone who becomes aware of your company or someone who you decide to pursue for a sale, even if they don't know about your company yet.
  • Opportunity :
    A lead that has shown an interest in knowing more about your products/services and therefore has been handed over to a sales representative
  • Customer :
    In Odoo CRM, a customer refers to any contact within your database, whether it is a lead, an opportunity, a client or a company.
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) :
    A KPI is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving key business objectives. Organizations use KPIs to evaluate their success at reaching targets.
  • Lead scoring :
    System assigning a positive or negative score to prospects according to their web activity and personal informations in order to determine whether they are "ready for sales" or not.
  • Kanban view :
    In Odoo, the Kanban view is a workflow visualisation tool halfway between a list view and a non-editable form view and displaying records as "cards". Records may be grouped in columns for use in workflow visualisation or manipulation (e.g. tasks or work-progress management), or ungrouped (used simply to visualize records).
  • List view :
    View allowing you to see your objects (contacts, companies, tasks, etc.) listed in a table.
  • Lead generation:
    Process by which a company collects relevant datas about potential customers in order to enable a relationship and to push them further down the sales cycle.
  • Campaign:
    Coordinated set of actions sent via various channels to a target audience and whose goal is to generate leads. In Odoo CRM, you can link a lead to the campaign which he comes from in order to measure its efficiency.