Create Projects and Tasks from Sales Orders - Odoo 13.0

When you sell your services, you can choose to automatically have a project/task created, helping you to not lose track of the work that needs to get done, streamlining the processes between teams. In addition to that, you are able to invoice or reinvoice clients according to the exact time spent on that service.

Product set up

Under Sales ‣ Products ‣ Products create a new product or set up an existing one. Under General Information set the Product Type as Service. Under the Sales tab select the Service Invoicing Policy and Service Tracking.
If you choose to:
- Create a task in an existing project: a task is added in the first column of the selected project.
- Create a task in sales order’s project: a new project for each sales order of that service is created based on the template you have chosen.
- Create a new project but no task: only creates a new project, for each time that service is sold, based on the skeleton of the project template chosen.
Choose the invoicing options on a product form under the sales tab in Odoo Project

Confirm a quotation and have a project/task created

Now, once a Quotation is confirmed and transformed into a Sales Order, a project or task is automatically created.

Click on confirm in a quotation and have a task or project created for Odoo Project

Access the task generated from Project

On the Project application, your new project and/or task (depending on the previous Service Tracking options chosen), is shown:

Click on tasks in the dashboard view to access them in Odoo Project

Record the time spent and create an invoice

From Project, access your task and document the time spent under the Timesheets tab.

Access the task and under the tab timesheet record the time spent in Odoo Project

Once the task is complete, click on Sales Order and Create Invoice.

Click on sales order in the task once it is complete in Odoo Project