Get Started with Project - Odoo 13.0

Managing projects means managing people, tasks, due dates, budgets and predicted return on investments. For all of it, you need a solution that allows you to reduce risks, get information at a glance, have an overview of your progress and stay organized. And, from start to finish, to be able to run multiple projects in parallel easily. Odoo Project application is the solution you need.

Creating a new project

Click on Create. Specify the name of the project and choose which features you would like to integrate. Note that they can be enabled afterward through Settings.

Click on create to start a new project in Odoo Project

Manage your project’s stages

Open your project and add as many columns as there are stages in your project.
Each project stage can be characterized by a distinct set of activities, or your stages can guide you to the different steps a project has to go through. It is important to set them right as they lead you from the first idea or step to its conclusion, contributing to the overall success of your project.
View of the stages created under a project in Odoo Project
For each stage, there are markers for the status of tasks that you can personalize.
Drag your mouse over a stage name, and click on Settings ‣ Edit.
Click on settings then edit stage to edit in Odoo Project

The dots correspond to customizable markers applied on tasks, making it easier to know which tasks require attention. You can give them any signification you like.

Image of the edit form of a stage in Odoo Project

Rearrange stages

From the Kanban view of your project, you can add stages by clicking on Add a column.
To rearrange the order of your stages easily do so by dragging and dropping columns. You can also fold or unfold them on Settings.
Click on setting then fold to hide a column in Odoo Project