Build, Send and Get Reports from a SMS Mailing - Odoo 13.0

Using SMS Marketing as part of your communication strategies can empower you to expand your markets, considering that in some countries emails are not very used or used at all. It also helps to boost conversion rates, as this strategy has a high open-rate percentage among people who use smartphones.

Get started

Go to SMS Marketing ‣ Create.

Specify a subject name to help you remembering what the mailing is about.
Under Recipients, choose to whom you would like the SMS to be sent. If you choose Contact, all your Odoo contacts (vendor, customers, etc.) receive your SMS.
From there, you can refine your recipient list with the add filter option. In the example below, the message would be sent to the contacts living in Belgium.

The Mailing list option, on the other hand, allows you to choose the specific mailing lists you created to group specific contacts. You are allowed to select multiple ones.

Under the SMS Content tab, links can be included and Odoo automatically generates link trackers in order to generate data about these links.
Under Settings you have the option Include opt-out link. If activated, the contact is able to unsubscribe from the mailing list.

Send a mailing

Once you have your mailing created, you must choose when you would like it to be delivered:

  • Put in Queue: the mailing is triggered with the next automatic run. Interesting option if you do not need the message to be sent at a specific time.
  • Send Now: sends the message immediately. Use this option if the recipient list is not excessive.
  • Schedule: allows you to choose a day and time. Best option for mailings that you would like to send during a specific event, to promote an offer while it is active, or to simply plan your content strategy in advance.
  • Test: allows you to send an SMS to one or multiple numbers for test purposes. Check, for example, if the link provided lands on the right page while making sure they are responsive. If sending it to multiple numbers, you must remember to use a comma between them.

Visualize reports

Under the Reporting menu apply filters, measures, and adopt different layouts to do analyses of the performance of your SMS mailings.