Ponto as Bank Synchronization provider - Odoo 13.0

Ponto is a service that allows companies and professionals to aggregate their accounts in one place and directly see all their transactions within one app. It is a third-party solution that is continuously expanding the number of bank institutions that can be synchronized with Odoo.

Logo of the Ponto brand

Odoo Accounting can synchronize directly with your bank to get all bank statements imported automatically into your database. This allows for easier bank reconciliation. When adding a bank account on Odoo, you can see if your bank requires a connection through Ponto by searching for your bank institution, and clicking on it.

Click on a bank institution to see which third party service is required to synchronize your bank with Odoo Accounting


Update your synchronization credentials

You might have to update your Ponto credentials or modify the synchronization settings.

To do so, activate the Developer Mode, and go to Accounting ‣ Configuration ‣ Online Synchronization.

Click on Update Accounts to enter your new Client ID and Secret ID, or click on Edit to modify the synchronization settings.

Deprecated API tokens

Ponto's previous synchronization system using API tokens is now deprecated.

This section is only relevant for users who had previously linked Ponto with Odoo using a single API token instead of the current synchronization system with a Client ID and a Secret ID.

  1. Update your database.

    • SaaS and Odoo.sh users:
      you can skip this step, as your database is automatically updated.
    • Community and Enterprise users:
      download the latest Odoo source code for your version (you can download it from this link or from GitHub), install it, and restart your server.
  2. Do a hard refresh of your Odoo page by pressing CTRL + F5.
    A hard refresh clears the cache and the javascript code for the current page.
  3. To generate your access key, follow the steps above.
  4. To update your credentials, follow the steps above.